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Our Firm's Mission

To protect immigrants rights and support solutions for the complex U.S. Immigration System with integrity, dedication, and success.

 Founded in 2020

Latin proverb: Dum Spiro Spero (While I Breathe, I Hope)

Our foundation is based on the name Spero, which is defined in Latin as hope. As an aid for pronunciation, our symbol, the sparrow, is a migrating bird that represents hard work, diligence, productivity and persistence.  

This firm’s vision is to operate as a successful boutique firm that provides high-end immigration legal services. Our high-end services do not necessarily mean charging the highest rates for our services, but rather offering unmatching customer service and work product that justifies the fees being paid by our clients. The boutique firm concept represents the specialized clientele, immigrants -whom we will strive to serve and protect.

The culmination of these different symbolic meanings represent the ideals and the commitment that the firm has to its clients and to justice.

Our Lawyer & Founder



Tel: +1  (509)  443-4953

 Esther V. Olivares

Managing Attorney dedicated exclusively to Immigration Law.

Esther Olivares is a proud Texan and faithful Christian. She grew up in Houston, TX, where she graduated from well known Memorial High School. Her undergraduate degree is in Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at San Antonio. At 25 years of age, Esther ventured outside of the Lone Star State to pursue her graduate law studies in North Carolina. 


Esther enrolled in Law School in North Carolina, but later transferred  across the country to the prestigious law program at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. During her attendance at Gonzaga School of Law, she participated in various immigration courses, where she had the opportunity to volunteer for immigration clinics and assist clients as an interpreter in Spanish. It was during these experiences that she understood the need for immigration services in the region and social work became a priority early in her profession.


While living in Spokane, she gained valuable experience working for World Relief Spokane Immigration Legal Services. During this time working for a non-profit organization, Esther was able to appreciate the value of serving the immigrant working class. This diverse group of people from all around the world showed her the true meaning of resilience and grit. This is where her passion for immigration law truly began.


Immigration law is as complex of an area of law as tax law. However, immigration deals with people’s lives: past, present, and future. The stakes are high but the rewards are priceless. Changing people’s lives for the better is my career goal. 

Core Purpose


The firm’s purpose is to provide hope to the many families who have a route to obtaining legal status in the United States and to eradicate the fear and stress immigrant families deal with every day of their lives. 

Business Strategy


Our firm is committed to providing each client with a positive experience by maintaining the utmost integrity, respect, and empathy for every client. 

Personal Values


We believe that every person has a unique case and deserves the support of an attorney who will untiring advocate on their behalf in their immigration journey.

Let's get started on your case!

I want to provide each client with the ultimate customer service experience

I want to be known for my honesty and trustworthiness.

I wish to have a reputation for being a hard worker that delivers results.

I want to serve every client that strives to have a future in the United States.

My ideal client is one who will appreciate my work as we journey together through immigration.

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